Brakes India Enters Lube Business


Brakes India Enters Lube Business
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India’s automotive lubricant market has a new player – the country’s largest manufacturer of braking systems.

Brakes India Ltd. announced its entrance to the market late last month, when it unveiled a stable of products that it will sell under the Revia brand name. The company, which is headquartered in Chennai, posted the announcement on its LinkedIn webpage.

Officials called the move a natural step for a business that already supplies brake fluids, as well as brake parts and systems.

“Brakes India aftermarket division has three functions – friction and non-friction brakes and fluids and coolants,” Vice President and Head of Aftermarket S. Sujit Nayak told The Hindu news site. “We want to expand the fluid range and be a full-fledged player in fluids.”

Afternoon News quoted Nayak adding that the company sees significant opportunity in the Indian lube market, the world’s third-largest, behind the United States and China.

“With growing demand for efficient lubricants, evolving BS standards and growing vehicle population, the engine oil segment is poised for growth,” he said.

India’s market is less than half the size of the United States or China but gradually gaining ground. It had been forecast to pass China last month as the globe’s most populous nation, but its economy is still sixth-largest, behind the U.S., China, Japan, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Brakes India, which claims to be the nation’s largest supplier of automotive braking systems, said Revia lubricants will be toll manufactured by an unidentified third party. The line-up includes five grades of engine oil for passenger cars and four for commercial vehicles.

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