Blending Plant Opened in Turkmenistan


Blending Plant Opened in Turkmenistan
A truck with Turkmenistan's flag on its back traverses a highway in the country. © Everyonephoto Studio

An industry association in Turkmenistan recently opened a finished lubricant factory, according to a news release by the Turkmen state news agency THP.

The association, Asuda Akym, started operating the 20,000-tons-per-year blending plant in January, THP said in a news release published Apr. 5.

Located in the Danev district of Lebap province, in the northeastern part of Turkmenistan, Asuda Akym manufactures 25 types of lubricants that are marketed under the Sir yag brand. The product categories include synthetic and semi-synthetic automotive engine oils, agricultural lubricants, hydraulic fluids and other industrial lubes, according to a report by Rysgal, a Turkmen news outlet.

The plant also manufactures its own packaging, including 1-, 5-, 20- and 205-liter containers.

The Asuda factory was the second lube blending plant to open Turkmenistan in the past year. Geljege Miras, a polymer products maker, began producing lubricants for cars and trucks at its facility in Ak Bugday district, near the capital, Ashgabat.

Turkmenistan features only one refinery capable to produce base oils. The Turkmenbashi Oil Processing, a complex of oil refineries, has capacity to make 80,000 t/y of API Group I and 70,700 t/y of Group II base oils.