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Kixx Offers Versatile Hydraulic Fluids


Kixx Offers Versatile Hydraulic Fluids
Kixx’s hydraulic fluid lineup is formulated to provide strong protection, efficient operation in a wide range of temperatures and extended equipment service life. Photo courtesy of GS Caltex

Hydraulic systems are a crucial part of machinery used in a broad range of industries, including manufacturing, construction, mining, agriculture, and the marine sector. Hydraulic fluids play a vital role in lubricating these systems, transferring power, dissipating heat, generating sealing film to prevent leakage and removing any contaminants.

With industrial machinery extremely expensive to replace, the use of high quality hydraulic fluids is essential for superior performance, enhanced protection, and to help extend its lifespan by eliminating the risk of wear and tear.

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Kixx, a lubricant brand of GS Caltex, offers versatile hydraulic fluids that are ideal for ensuring the stable and efficient operation of equipment in even the most demanding high temperature environments, providing superior thermal and oxidation stability.

Its extensive range helps maintain the value of equipment by improving its durability while also saving on maintenance costs by extending oil change intervals and reducing energy consumption.

Kixx hydraulic fluids are the ideal choice for those seeking to reduce total cost of ownership, enhance performance, improve efficiency, and boost reliability.

The business has a strong portfolio of trusted and effective premium industrial lubricants and has been supplying major global manufacturers for over two decades. South Korea’s leading supplier provides a full and expansive range of hydraulic fluids, all underpinned by technology that has earned the trust of manufacturers around the world. It has been recognized by Korea First Brand Awards as the country’s number one lubricant provider for seven consecutive years.

Kixx hydraulic fluids exceed the construction industry’s strictest OEM standards, including those set by Volvo, Doosan, Hyundai, Posco, and Kobelco Construction Equipment.

The Kixx range includes:

  • Kixx Hydro HVL. A premium, multi-viscosity, anti-wear hydraulic fluid, specifically designed to meet the long-life requirements of construction equipment hydraulic oil.
  • Kixx Hydro HVI/HVZ. A top tier hydraulic fluid with a high viscosity index, suitable for use in a wide range of temperatures.
  • Kixx Hydro XW/AF. Specially formulated to maximize anti-wear performance and ideal for circulating systems where a rust and oxidation inhibitor is required.
  • Kixx Hydro R&O. A general purpose hydraulic fluid optimized for corrosion and oxidation prevention.
  • Kixx Hydrosafety. Developed specifically for equipment requiring fire-resistance features.
  • Kixx RD BIO. Kixx’s latest hydraulic fluid synthesizing top performance with sustainability.


The latest addition to the portfolio is Kixx RD BIO – a fully synthetic, eco-friendly hydraulic fluid that has approved biodegradability (tested under OECD 301 B standards) and is certified for use in environmentally sensitive areas. It also bears the EU Ecolabel, demonstrating that it meets the highest environmental and performance standards.

With a focus on sustainability, Kixx RD BIO is formulated using top quality synthetic esters and high performance, ash-free additives. It offers longevity for hydraulic devices and reduces downtime.

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