Volume 9 Issue 9

Japan Demand Fell in January

Japan’s January lube consumption slid to 104,243 kiloliters (93,700 metric tons), down 7% from 111,525 kL in the same month last year, according to data released Feb. 28 by a government agency. Sequentially, January’s figure – the lowest since 68,909 kL last August – was down 9% from 113,474 kL in December.

Profits Rise at KH Neochem, Yushiro

Japan’s KH Neochem Co.’s performance materials segment, which includes refrigeration lubricant raw materials, and metalworking fluid and industrial oil producer Yushiro Chemical Industry Co. both reported higher profit and sales for the quarter ending Dec. 31. KH Neochem posted a 93% increase in operating profit for its unit, while Yushiro’s operating income more than doubled.

SI Group Boosts Antioxidant Output

United States-based performance chemical supplier SI Group said Wednesday that it has expanded capacity to make phenolic ester antioxidants at its factory in Jinzhou, China. The chemicals are used in lubricants among other applications. A news release issued Wednesday said the company sees growing demand for the products from both the lubricants and plastics industries in the Asia-Pacific region.

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Briefly Noted

Sales of four-wheel automobiles in Southeast Asia rose 25% to 250,627 in January, compared to the same month last year, according to Asean Automotive Federation data. Sequentially, the total was down 25% from 335,957 in December.