Volume 8 Issue 4

PetroChina Opens Pilot PAO Plant

PetroChina last month opened a pilot plant producing low-viscosity polyalphaolefin in Lanzhou, China, using technology developed by Chinese researchers. The company expects the project to lead to less dependence on foreign sources for PAOs used to make high performance lubricants.

Shell Wins Trademark Suit in China

A Chinese court ordered three domestic companies today to pay Royal Dutch Shell more than ¥5 million in damages for trademark infringement involving the sale of lubricants.

China Auto Sales Drop Again

Auto sales in China declined 1.9% in 2020 to 25.3 million units, according to data released by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers.

From Other Editions of Lube Report

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Naftan Aims for More Group III

Briefly Noted

McKupler Inc. will distribute ExxonMobil’s commercial and consumer lubricants in the Philippines. Singapore-based Asian Lubricant Manufacturers Union, which represents the interests of a broad range of lubricant industry businesses throughout Asia, changed its corporate name to the Asian Lubricants Industry Association to reflect the trade association’s diverse membership.