Volume 6 Issue 34

SSY Base Oil Shipping Report

Widespread public holidays last week confounded attempts to develop new business in all the key regions, making it one of the quietest weeks of the summer.-by Adrian Brown

Using Social Media to Market Lubes in China

WeChat has been an effective tool to boost sales in Chinas changing lubricants market - especially among younger customers - for one lube distributor in Chengdu, Sichuan province, a company official said at an event earlier this week in Xian, Shaanxi province.

Quicker Rollout Possible for GF-6 in AMEA

Compared to previous engine oil standards, Asia, Middle East and Africa regions may see a quicker rollout of ILSAC GF-6 following its launch in North America next year, a consultant told an industry conference in Mumbai last month.

Outlook Robust for Transformer Oil in India

The outlook for transformer oil demand in India remains robust because of expected growth in the countrys power demand and the governments focus on boosting power generation and distribution, an industry insider said at a conference in Mumbai earlier this month.

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Briefly Noted

Jesper Sorensen was promoted to managing director of KPI Bridge Oil Singapore, a trader and broker in marine lubricants.


The lubricant demand volume amounts in the Aug. 16 article, Japanese Lube Demand Forecasted to Fall, were initially in liters instead of metric tons. The article has been updated to reflect metric ton volume amounts.