Volume 4 Issue 40

China Wants Higher VI

Chinese refiners have built a lot of capacity to produce API Group II base stocks, but the viscosity indices of the oils from those plants are largely lower than blenders want. This is a major reason that the country imports large volumes of base stocks, according to speakers at an industry summit in Xiamen last month, who added that the situation is unlikely to change in the next few years.

JXTG Keeps Mobil Lubes

Japans JXTG Group will convert all of its 2,800 Esso- and Mobil-branded fuel stations in the country to Eneos by 2020, but will continue selling ExxonMobil lubricants at all locations, the companies told Lube Report Asia.

GP Petroleums to Shut Daman Plant

GP Petroleums Ltd. will close its lubricant plant in western Indias Daman region due to discontinuation of tax benefits under the countrys new Goods and Services Tax system.

Suzuki Launches Lubes in India

Indias largest car manufacturer, Maruti Suzuki, has launched the Ecstar brand of lubricants and coolants in the country, a move that may intensify competition among lube suppliers in the worlds third-largest lubricant market.

Briefly Noted

Tianhe Chemicals Group Ltd. in a filing Friday said its secretary Yeung Ming Fai has resigned and been replaced by Sun Shui, effective immediately. The Chinese additive producer, in a separate filing that day, told investors that it was shoring up the concerns that got it delisted from the Hong Kong Stock Exchange,but that it was obligated to secrecy under the Securities and Futures Ordinance regarding the details. Indian Oil Corp. lubricants will make their way into Bangladesh through a distribution agreement with Runner Lube and Energy Ltd.