Volume 4 Issue 34

Tianhe Itching to Make Base Oils, Lubes

Tianhe Chemicals Group reported Friday that it has finished building a plant that would upgrade base oils to API Group II and III base oil but that it cant stream until residents follow government orders to relocate from the nearby area.

Northern Asphalt Launches Lube Biz

Panjin Northern Asphalt Co., a Chinese government enterprise that makes petroleum asphalt and naphthenic and API Group II base oils, is pushing its way into the countrys crowded finished lubricants market.

Indonesian Marketers Diversify Retail Platforms

The route to market for lubricants in Indonesia can be vastly different from one seller to the next. Some suppliers told Lube Report Asia recently that their key to increasing sales is to make inroads in a variety of retail channels.

Panama Q1 Profit Climbs, Yips Curbs H1 Loss

Panama Petrochem Ltd. bucked the trend of Indian lube suppliers recording shaky first quarters this year, reporting a 56 percent increase in earnings. Yips Chemical of Hong Kong came out of its half-year period with a loss, albeit a milder one than the year before.

Briefly Noted

In 2016, the Asia-Pacific regions automotive lubricants demand was 47.7 percent (roughly 93 million gallons) of a global total of around 195 million gallons, according to a new report from Technavio. Pakistan State Oil reported that its in its fiscal year ended June 30, it had re-positioned its lubricants business in the market by gaining a 28 percent increase in sales volume over the prior year.