Volume 4 Issue 3

Ogistar Eyes New Listing, New Segments

In August, GTS Group, a Liaocheng, Shandong province-based chemical producer and the owner of the lube brand Ogistar, delisted itself from the London Stock Exchange, which it joined in 2014. Now it looks toward possibly listing again on another exchange and to upping sales in the short term.

Japan Allows Hydraulic Fluid Exports

Japan removed hydraulic fluids, mainly silahydrocarbon oils, from the Export Trade Control Order list of goods, opening the way for exports to begin Jan. 7.

Tianhe Perceives End of Two-year Probe

Having resolved internal control concerns raised by its auditors recently concluded review, Tianhe Chemicals Group said it is ready to resume trading on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange after nearly two years of suspension.

Car Population Still Growing in China

Chinas economy may have slowed, but its passenger car population is growing as fast as ever - good news for lubricant suppliers in a market that has shrunk.

Maximizing Profits: Fuels or Base Oils

Lubricant base oil plants generally improve the overall revenue for a refinery but also raise operating expenses. The net effect on the bottom line varies significantly from one facility to the next.