Volume 4 Issue 24

Group II/III Supply Shifts from Asia

Asias intensifying thirst for high-quality lubricants will soak up some of its API Group II and III surplus, but oversupply of high-performance base stocks will be more pronounced than ever as new sources pop up across the globe, said Kline & Co.s Milind Phadke at a conference in Singapore last month.

Vietnam Vehicle Sales Vroom

Vietnams demand for aftermarket motor oils is expected to see tremendous growth as an expanding middle class boosts passenger vehicle sales, said market participants and observers.

Mobil 1 now Streaming in Singapore

ExxonMobil began producing Mobil 1 synthetic engine oils in Asia for the first time upon the opening of its greases and lubricants facilities in Singapore earlier this year, the American energy giant announced last week.

Most Indian Suppliers Fared Well in Q4

Several lubricant, grease and specialty oil suppliers in India doubled and even quadrupled income in their fourth quarters compared to the year before.

Sasol to Expand Nanjing Alkoxylation Plant

Sasol Ltd. broke ground last week on an expansion of its alkoxylation plant in Chinas Jiangsu province that it will use in part to manufacture surfactants for lube and metalworking fluid additives.

Briefly Noted

AP Oil International Ltd. signed an agreement to blend fellow Singapore-headquartered Puma Energys Puma-branded lubricants. Italmatch Chemicals S.P.A. said it will use recently secured funding for acquisitions to help it grow its lubricants additive business in Asia.