Volume 4 Issue 2

Group III Priced to Sell in India

A new supplier is offering reduced prices to try to win Group III base oil customers in India. Industry insiders say such practices could accelerate the subcontinents uptake of that grade.

Chinas Amer Lays Plans for New Plant

After opening its first overseas facility in Vietnam in October to supply clients in Southeast Asia, Dongguan-based metalworking fluids maker Amer will invest over 300 million (U.S. $43.3 million) to build a new blending plant in the port of Humen, in Dongguan, Guangdong province.

Indonesia to Export Lubricants to Asia, Europe

With Indonesias lubricant manufacturing capacity twice as high as domestic demand, and with imports from within the Asean Economic Community increasing, the countrys Ministry of Industry will encourage exports to Asia and Europe, according to a local news websites report on an official's statement.

Chinas Emissions Norm Goes Nationwide

China implemented National V fuel emissions standard nationwide last week. Lubricant additive supplier Infineum International called it a reminder that tighter regulations will intensify automaker demands for low-viscosity motor oils compatible with emissions control systems.

Briefly Noted

Korean oil giant S-Oil signed a contract to supply Japanese base oil supplier Idemitsu Kosanalmost 576 billion won (U.S. $484 million) worth of base oils through 2021. Castrol signed a three-year deal to provide Indias Tata Motorswith commercial vehicle motor oils in over 50 markets including countries throughout Southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent. Eastern Lubricants Blenders Ltd., a subsidiary of state-ownedBangladesh Petroleum Corp., appointed Abu Hena Md. Rahmatul Muneem chairman, effective Jan. 4.