Volume 4 Issue 10

ASEAN Lube Trade: Far From Free

As the Association of Southeast Asia Nations moves to eliminate intra-regional tariffs by 2018, analysts say member countries non-tariff measures could still hinder lubricant trade.

Indian Grease Makers Seek Lithium Alternatives

For upwards of a year, Indias grease manufactures have had difficulty sourcing lithium hydroxide, a key raw material for making greases thickened with lithium-based soaps. Their woes are unlikely to end soon unless they find alternatives to lithium and lithium complex greases, industry officials said.

Indonesia May See Shift to Synthetic PCMOs

As Indonesias automotive parc continues its forecasted path to over a million units this year, observers say that preference will trend toward synthetic passenger car motor oils.

Singaporean Suppliers' Profits Sink

United Global Ltd. and AP Oil International Ltd. both saw their net profit decline by around 10 percent in 2016. The Singaporean lubricant blenders sales stumbled in at least some segments, but United said it was initial public offering expenses that kept it from a profit hike.

Briefly Noted

Total Parco Pakistan Ltd. agreed to supply motorcycle engine oils to Service IndustriesLtd., a Pakistani manufacturer and exporter of footwear and two-wheeler tires and tubes. The former also signed a lubricants supply deal with Daewoo Pakistan Express Bus Service. Japanese transport company Mitsui O.S.K. Lines Ltd. carved out a unit dedicated to trading bunker oil and lubricants.