Volume 3 Issue 47

Cycle and Car Sales Steer India's Growth

Lubricant demand in India is projected to rise 4.3 percent this year, according to Kline & Co., with strong growth for passenger car and two-wheeler lubes more than offsetting flat or near-flat demand in the commercial and industrial segments.

Palm Oil Prices Cause Malaysia to Balk at B10

Citing rising crude palm oil prices, Malaysia again postponed implementation of the B10 biodiesel program in its transportation sector and B7 in its industrial sector - this time indefinitely.

Marine Market Dries Up in Sri Lanka

Sri Lankas demand for marine lubricants plummeted last year, and some observers blame high import duties for driving up local costs and steering shipowners to ports in other countries.

Thai Lube, Continental Profits Dip, Panama's Rise

Net profits for Thai Lube Base fell 69 percent during the quarter ended Sept. 30, while Indias Continental Petroleums and Panama Petrochem recorded a 43 percent decline and a 72 percent improvement, respectively.

Briefly Noted

Drivejoy, a Bengaluru, India-based startup offering mobile maintenance services for two-wheelers, entered an agreement to offer Shell lubricants. Petronas Lubricants International launched a line of its Syntium-branded engine oils formulated for cars manufactured by Malaysias Proton and available at its service centers.