Volume 2 Issue 50

Japanese Race to Reduce Viscosity

SAE 0W-16 oils will play a key role in the next ILSAC passenger car motor oil standard, a JX Nippon Oil & Energy official told an industry conference. He also advised that 0W-4 oils are being evaluated in Japan.

Chinese Dealers Facing Pressures

Regional dealers are widely viewed as key cogs for producers seeking timely headway in Chinas vast lubricant market. As the landscape becomes more competitive, though, dealers are becoming increasingly choosy, wary and sometimes confused.

Value Trucks Gain Popularity

A convergence of premium and low-cost trucks has created a fast-growing mid-market segment in Asia, referred to as value trucks - a trend thats catching the attention of original equipment manufacturers and engine oil suppliers.

Off-road Transmission Fluids Sag

Asian demand for transmission fluids used in mining and construction equipment is poised to stagnate against a backdrop of slower sales in China, an industry insider said at a recent conference.

Briefly Noted

Floods in eastern India earlier this month forced state-run Chennai Petroleum Corp. to shut its Manali refinery, which includes a 4,200 barrels per day API Group I base oils unit. Irish industry analysts Research and Markets found in a recent study on polyalkylene glycols that the Asia-Pacific region is the largest and fastest-growing PAGs market worldwide – driven mainly by demand from China, India and Japan.