Volume 2 Issue 44

Tianhe Builds Additive Plants

Tianhe Chemicals is in the midst of building two lubricant additive factories that it plans to open next year, in Dubai and Singapore.

GTS, Gulf Revenues Rocket, MJL Results Mixed

Revenue for GTS Chemicals lubricant division spiked 59 percent for the first nine months of 2015, while Bangladeshi MJL reported a 10 percent drop in third quarter earnings. Gulf Oil Lubricants India Ltd. had jumps in both profit and revenue in its second quarter.

Expiration of Dexos1 Licenses Postponed

General Motors advised last month that it will postpone the expiration of existing Dexos1 engine oil licenses until Dec. 31, 2016 because it is taking longer than expected to approve licenses for the next generation of the specification.

Tongyi Sale Closes

Shell announced yesterday that it has closed on the sale of its 75 percent stake in Tongyi Lubricants to Carlyle Group and Huos Group.

Foam Control Gets New Tools

Foam in manufacturing and technical processes can be good or bad. In some cases it is helpful, but in others - such as metalworking - it interferes with efficient operation and must be avoided or at least controlled.