Volume 2 Issue 37

Thai Market Primed to Grow Again

Thailand's lubricant market shrank slightly in 2014 but is poised to resume growing thanks to continued expansion of its auto manufacturing industry, Kline & Co. consultants said.

Malaysian Oleo Firm Buys Germany's Cremer

Malaysian oleochemicals company IOI Group agreed last week to purchase Germanys Cremer Oleo GmbH for 89.4 million (U.S. $101.3 million).

Lu'an-Naco Opens CTL PAO Plant

Naco Synthetics and Chinese coal company Luan Group opened a polyalphaolefin plant late last month, a Shanxi province facility that uses coal-to-liquids feedstock.

Aussies Develop Real-time Oil Sensor

Scientists at Australias Edith Cowan University have developed a real-time sensor to detect when an engine oil has degraded and needs changing.

Briefly Noted

Despite the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers plea for an extension to comply with Euro V and Euro VI fuel emission standards, Indias government said the October implementation for Euro IV-equivalent standards withstands. Indonesian state-owned oil company Pertamina will provide SAE 0W-40 and 10W-60 lubricants for Lamborghini Automobiles motorsport events and sales at 129 dealers worldwide. Total Lubrifiants signed a high-performance lubricants aftermarket supply agreement with Indias Tata Motors.