Volume 2 Issue 24

SK Decides Not to Sell Lubes Stake

SK Innovation announced last week that it was considering selling a stake in SK Lubricants, but then the parent company said Monday that it decided against such a sale.

China Headed for Pale Oil Glut

China is one of the worlds largest base oil importers, but it has a surplus of naphthenic base stocks and is heading toward an even larger excess in coming years.

BMW: Malaysias B10 Bad for Oil

BMW Malaysia Sdn. asked the Malaysian government to reconsider its plans to implement its B10 biodiesel mandate in October this year, concerned that increased palm oil content could impair engine lubrication.

Pertamina to Expand Indonesian Plant

Indonesias PT Pertamina Lubricants will expand and upgrade its lubricant blending plant in Jakarta by the end of this year, the company said during the ICIS Asian Base Oils & Lubricants Conference in Singapore last week.

Chem-Trend, Kluber to Open Site in India

The new Mysore, India, production site of Chem-Trend and Kluber Lubrication India - business units of Freudenberg Group - is scheduled to open in August.

Briefly Noted

Solvaybegan production at its alkoxylation facility in Singapore last week. Alkoxylate surfactants can be used as emulsifiers, detergents and wetting agents in lubricants. United States-based specialty chemicals company Verdezyne signed Will & Cofor European distribution of its biobased dodecanedioics acids, or DDDA, which can be used as an intermediate in lubricants. Verdezynes DDDA will be produced at its Nusajaya, Malaysia, plant, scheduled to open in 2017.