Volume 2 Issue 16

Growing Asian Markets Tough to Enter

Asia-Pacific is thirstier for lubricants than any other region in the world, but tapping into it from the outside presents numerous challenges, an executive from Fuchs Petrolub SE told an industry conference in Germany last week.

BP, Caltex Undo Aussie JV

BP and Caltex last week dissolved Australasian Lubricant Manufacturing Co., a 15-year joint venture that makes about 50 percent of the nations lubricants.

Moto Market Revs Up in Asia

The Asia-Pacific region accounts for around 70 percent of the global two-wheeler market, said an Infineum International Ltd. presenter in Stuttgart, Germany, last week. As oil suppliers marry fuel economy and performance features, a shift towards lower viscosity oils is inevitable.

Briefly Noted

United Arab Emirates-based Gulf Petrochem last week changed the name of newly acquired Indian lubricant producer, Sah Petroleums to GP Petroleums Ltd.Gulf Petrochem acquired most of Sah in two rounds of purchases last year. Jiangsu Lopal Tech Co. Ltd. said Afton Chemical will supply it with lubricant additives and consult in the creation of an R&D center for fuel-efficient lubricants at its new blending plant in Tianjin, China. Lopal said it also has base oil supply agreements with ExxonMobil, SK and Formosa Petrochemicals.


An article in last weeks issue incorrectly identified the location of a Singapore base oil plant that ExxonMobil recently expanded. The expanded API Group II plant is at Jurong, on mainland Singapore. ExxonMobil has a second Singapore plant on Pulau Ayer Chawan, which is part of Jurong Island.