Volume 1 Issue 48

Asian Shippers Consume Most Marine Lubes

Asian shipping companies account for just over half of global demand for marine lubricants, an industry insider said during a conference in Amsterdam recently.

Cetex Expands Chemical Plant

Chemicals producer Cetex is nearing completion of a two-phase expansion of methyl ethyl ketone capacity at its chemical plant in Chennai, India. MEK is used as a dewaxing agent in conventional refining of API Group I base oils.

Lubrizol Carries Mitsui's Lucant

Lubricant additive marketer Lubrizol Corp. has entered into an exclusive agreement to carry Mitsui Chemicals Lucant polymer products, materials used in lubricants as viscosity modifiers and base fluids.

Uzbek Rerefinery Delayed

The opening of the first waste oil rerefinery in Central Asia has been delayed for administrative reasons, Bulgarian lube maker Prista Oil told Lube Report Asia last week.

Briefly Noted

China announced it will raise the consumption tax on lubricants and other oil products by RMB 0.12 (U.S. $0.02) per liter next year. Singapore-basedUniMarine Lubricantsopened an office in Piraeus, Greece to serve Southern Europe and markets bordering the Mediterranean Sea.