Volume 1 Issue 40

Coal-based PAOs Coming to China

Naco Lubrication Co. and Luan Group are building a plant in Chinas Shanxi Province that will use coal-to-liquids feedstocks to manufacture polyalphaolefins for synthetic lubricants. The PAO facility is scheduled to begin operations in the third quarter of 2015.

Oleochemicals Bearing Fruit in Southeast Asia

Frost & Sullivan projects revenue from oleochemicals manufactured in Southeast Asia - including fatty acids and fatty alcohols used in lubricants manufacturing - will more than double from 2013 to 2020.

Sri Lanka: No New Lube Licenses

Sri Lanka reversed a contentious decision to grant additional licenses to lubricant businesses, to the relief of players who claim the market is already saturated.

Petronas Plans Growth in India, Thailand

Petronas announced new sales strategies and expansion plans for gaining market share in Thailand and India.

Briefly Noted

ExxonMobil Chemical will invest in plants in Singapore and Antwerp, Belgium, to boost output of specialty hydrocarbon fluids by around 10 percent by 2016. Included are solvents, dispersants and carriers used in lubricants, additives, metalworking fluids, rolling oils, drilling muds and other specialties. Effective Oct. 1, Shell Singapore appointed Goh Swee Chen, the companys first female chief executive in Asia-Pacific, to succeed retiring chairman Lee Tzu Yang.