Volume 1 Issue 38

Asia-Pacific Leads in Marine Lubes

Asia-Pacific accounted for more than half of the 2.1 million ton total of global marine lubricant demand in 2013, consultancy Kline & Co. estimated, and is projected to account for close to 60 percent in 2023.

Slower Growth Forecast for Chinese Auto Sales

Expansion of Chinas vehicle population will probably continue to slow, but the market still has room for significant growth, an industry insider told a recent lubricants conference.

Federal Karyatama Consolidates Blend Ops

Indonesias PT Federal Karyatama (FKT) will consolidate and relocate its two blending plants in East Jakarta to one new plant in western Java by 2017, the company told Lube Report Asia.

Beiersdorf of China Wins Trademark Fight

The World Intellectual Property Organization dismissed a claim by skin care products supplier Beiersdorf AG that a Chinese lube marketer infringed on its trademark through use of the name Beiersdorf.

ExxonMobil Builds Singapore Grease Plant

ExxonMobil announced Friday that it is building a grease plant at its site in Jurong, Singapore. The company did not disclose the new facilitys capacity but said it is scheduled to begin operating by 2016.