Volume 1 Issue 36

Tianhe Denies Fraud Accusations

Tianhe Chemicals has been suspended from the Hong Kong Stock Exchange after Anonymous Analytics accused it last week of fraud.

Analysts Anticipate Sinopec IPO

Newly formed Sinopec Lubricant Co. has yet to set a date for its anticipated initial public stock offering, but observers expect Sinopec to announce the plan in the coming months. They also contend that the event could have ramifications for the entire industry.

Caltex Invests in Aussie Network

Caltex Australia announced yesterday that it will invest AU $5 million to construct and expand lubricant storage facilities at multiple locations. Officials said the program reflects the companys ongoing commitment to remain a leading player in the Australian lube market.

Will India's Electrification Jolt Transformer Oils?

As Indias Prime Minister Narendra Modi bolsters national energy projects, the countrys transformer oil manufacturers expect a significant hike in demand.