Volume 1 Issue 24

Tianhe Chemicals Floats Stock

Tianhe Chemicals last week conducted a long-awaited stock offering aimed at raising funds to repay debt and invest in product development of its lubricant additive and fluorochemicals businesses.

Chinese Marketers Embrace Mobile Apps

With the explosive growth of the mobile Internet, smartphones and portal terminals have become new tools for marketers, including lubricant suppliers, to promote products.

Savita's Profits Drop

Savita Oil Technologies Ltd. reported a 3.9 percent increase in sales revenue for the fiscal year ended March 31, but profits fell due to higher expenses.

Using Lubes in Pursuit of Sustainability

Greases and lubricants may not jump to mind in discussions of sustainable products, but an ExxonMobil official said synthetic, energy-efficient versions can promote sustainability in a variety of ways.

Briefly Noted

S-Oil launched a new line of synthetic engine oils, S-Oil 7. The South Korean company said there are six products, all made with 100 percent synthetic base stocks. BP announced that it is consolidating its BP and Castrol brands of marine lubricants and transitioning to a single brand – Castrol. The process started two years ago and will accelerate in coming months.