Volume 1 Issue 1

China Enacts Tougher Gasoline Standard

The new year marked the implementation in China of higher gasoline quality standards designed to help reduce air pollution. One observer warns that automobile air emissions levels will continue rising for now but called the standard an important step toward eventually addressing the problem.

Japanese Suppliers Look Abroad

Japan's economy has been expanding, which should mean opportunity in one of the world's largest lubricant markets. Even so, Japanese lube marketers are looking overseas for growth.

PNA Launches Group II Plant

Naphthenic base oil producer Panjin Northern Asphalt has opened a paraffinic Group II plant in northern China. The new facility, located in Liaoning Provinces Panjin city, has capacity to produce 400,000 metric tons per year.

Transformer Oils Hitch Ride Overseas

Chinas Sinopec has found a way to get its transformer oil sold in other countries - by tying in with Chinese transformer manufacturers.

East-West Divide for Small-engine Oils

The global market for small-engine lubricants divides into two main camps, with Asia on one side and Europe and North America on the other. Engine protection is a priority for end users in the West, while their Asian counterparts focus more on fuel economy.