U.S. Base Oil Output Down Again


U.S. Base Oil Output Down Again

Base oil production in the United States dropped to 4.4 million barrels, the third straight month that the volume was below 5 million barrels, and 16% lower than in the same month of 2021.

The October number, reported by the U.S. Energy Information Administration on Dec. 30, compared to 5.2 million barrels from the same month of 2021. It was also the second lowest volume for a month in 2022, ahead of only 4 million barrels in August.

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During the first 10 months of 2022, base oil product declined 6% to 48.2 million b/d, from 51.1 million b/d.

Paraffinic base oil production declined 19% to 3.7 million b/d – the second lowest volume for a month, ahead of 3.4 million barrels in August – from 4.5 million b/d.

Year-to-date through October, paraffinic base oil production was down 22% at 40.6 million b/d, compared to 51.8 million b/d.

Naphthenic base oil production rose 14% to 755,000 b/d in October, up from 721,000 b/d. That was the first time monthly naphthenic production topped 700,000 b/d since July, when it totaled 749,000 b/d.

Year-to-date through October, naphthenic production fell 19% to 7.6 million b/d, compared to 9.4 million b/d.

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