Cepsa Ups Stake in Brazil’s Deten


Cepsa Ups Stake in Brazil’s Deten
Spinning machines in a Brazilian textile factory. Brazil's Deten manufactures heavy alkylates, or ALP, which is used in production of textile oils, along with lubricants and greases. © Ricardo Ribas/Alamy Stock Photo

Cepsa Quimica closed on its acquisition of 27.88% of Deten Quimica from Brazil’s Petrobras, after obtaining authorization from a government agency. In addition to making raw materials for detergents, Deten produces heavy alkylates used in production of lubricants, greases and lubricant additives.

According to the July 6 press release, Deten produces 10,000 metric tons per year of heavy alkylates, known as ALP, which is mainly intended for the production of thermal fluid, greases, lubricant additives and textile oils.

The company claims to be the only national producer of linear alkylbenzene, known as LAB, precursor of linear alkylbenzene sulfonate acid, or LABSA. Located in the northeastern state of Bahia, the company produces 230,000 ty of LAB and 120,000 t/y of LABSA, and these raw materials are primarily for manufacture of surfactants for biodegradable detergents intended for home care.

With the signing of the agreement, Cepsa Quimica increased its stake in Deten to 97.82%. The remainder remains divided among small shareholders. Cepsa Quimica became part of Deten’s shareholders in 1999.

The Administrative Council for Economic Defense approved the agreement, which was initially announced in early May. In May, Cepsa Quimica said its goal was to convert the Deten production unit into the Cepsa group’s large production center for all three raw materials for the whole of South America.

Spanish energy company Cepsa said it is studying a plan to modernize and improve Deten’s factory in Brazil, with the intention to make new investments and enable a safer, more efficient and sustainable production process. The plan’s goals include reducing the factory’s emissions, reducing its water consumption and optimizing the efficient use of raw materials and electricity.