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STARFIRE Stays Ahead of the Competition


STARFIRE Stays Ahead of the Competition

Putting the customer first has always been a priority for Ohio-based Coolants Plus, helping to position it as an affordable, efficient, and popular lubricants supplier.

Through Coolants Plus, PennStar and its STARFIRE brand, more and more customers are realizing that lower prices do not mean having to compromise on quality.

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Add great service and a willingness to go that extra mile, and this has proven to be a winning formula, says Tim Wullenweber, VP of marketing and technical services at Coolants Plus, Inc.

“Even in these difficult times, we’re still moving forward. We’ve been fortunate enough to be able to grow based on great customer service, our product offering, and the ability to blend oil through our PennStar facility.”

Despite tough market conditions this past year, the business has focused on continued growth, developing its distribution network, and further enhancing its product offering in the industrial segment.

“We’ve had another successful year and continue to expand. Demand is increasing and we’ve been able to reach more customers by expanding our distribution across the nation,” he says.

Since STARFIRE was established in Hamilton, OH, over two decades ago, it has cemented its status as a leading supplier of lubricants, antifreeze, and chemicals that it ships both nationwide and internationally. With its own fleet of bulk transport trucks and tankers, it ensures it can carefully manage and control its freight and delivery to meet the needs of its customers.

STARFIRE motor oils, antifreeze, pour and aerosol chemicals are now also available online through its Amazon store (

“Part of our success is down to our flexibility and creativity to support our customers,” says Wullenweber. “We have a different way of doing business than most, and it’s all based on how we can help make our customers better. We can’t be successful if they’re not successful.”

STARFIRE has quickly established itself in a highly competitive marketplace as a trusted and affordable alternative to the major brands; its ever-expanding portfolio offering the same high quality but at a lower cost.

STARFIRE prides itself on providing premium products at a fraction of the price and ensuring shipments reach customers when and where needed. While competitors may have a lead time of several weeks, STARFIRE’s customer-first approach means product is often shipped within days, he adds.

“We offer a very competitive product by keeping our overall production and capital costs lower, and by not taking the same corporate approach that many of our competitors do. Our success really boils down to the service we provide to our customers.”

The opening of its 300,000 square foot PennStar blending facility in 2018 means it can produce its own motor oils, gear oils, and industrial oils, as well as specializing in developing custom formulations for customers. The plant in Northampton, Pennsylvania, boasts rail access and over 850,000 gallons of tank storage. It has a production capacity of over 3.5 million gallons each month.

The business is planning to boost both volumes and tank space, double its pail packaging lines and expand its other packaging capabilities, so it can meet increased demand, he says.

“Just a few years ago we were seen as a small private label but now we’re getting a lot more recognition and are considered one of the significant brands and blenders in the industry,” adds Wullenweber. “We have a professional approach that people are really starting to take notice of. If you need a brand you can rely on, come to us.”

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