Swedish Firm Buys Lube Seals Maker


Swedish Firm Buys Lube Seals Maker
A wind farm in the State of Ceara in Brazil. © Cacio Murilo

Swedish company VBG Group acquired all shares of U.S.-based Carlyle Johnson Machine Co. for $16.5 million. Carlyle Johnson designs and manufactures components for motion control used in industrial applications, including lubrication seals.

VBG acquired the shares through subsidiary Ringfeder Power Transmission and said the deal strengthens its industrial business, VBG said, and Carlyle will be part of the Ringfeder Power Transmission division.

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Carlyle Johnson’s products include mechanical, electrical, and pneumatic clutches and braking systems, along with associated electrical controls and lubrication seals for medical, aerospace, industrial and defense product applications.

The company says its patented Centritec non-contact seals for constant motion applications feature a double-seal design that keeps lubricants in and contaminants out, even when equipment is idle. The seal can separate or seal two fluid mediums – like oil and water – from each other. The unit is also capable of pumping lubrication from the seal to bearings, while operating in oil or grease.

Carlyle Johnson markets its centrifugal pressure seals as a solution for challenges in extreme environments, including turbines, rolling mills, railroad cars and locomotives, off-road construction vehicles and wind power generation. “This acquisition complements us in a natural way,” Thomas Moka, division manager for Ringfeder Power Transmission, said in a news release. “Through Carlyle Johnson, we complement our existing product portfolio and enter interesting high-market-growth segments, such as medical equipment. Above all, I see clear synergies in the organization and a great potential for our sales organization to market Carlyle Johnson’s products in new markets.”

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