Pilot To Make More Sulfonates


Pilot Chemical Co. will expand production of sulfonates, including a range of products that can be used in lubricants as corrosion inhibitors, emulsifiers and demulsifiers, the company announced last week.

The project is a multi-phase expansion of its proprietary “ice-cold sulfonation” technology, Pilot Chemical said in a press release. This sulfonation process produces sulfonates that can be used as lubricant additives.

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Emulsifiers help stabilize a mixture of liquids that are normally unmixable. Demulsifiers separate liquids that normally combine.

The Cincinnati, Ohio-based company said the expansion is due for completion by the second half of 2023 at its Middletown, Ohio production site.

Pilot Chemical did not disclose its production capacity before or after the expansion is completed, or the cost of the expansion.