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STARFIRE Makes Light Work of Heavy-duty


STARFIRE Makes Light Work of Heavy-duty

Coolants Plus and its STARFIRE brand offer an extensive range of premium products and are quickly becoming the supplier of choice for quality motor oils, gear oils, industrial oils and custom formulations at a competitive price.

The heavy-duty segment is particularly important for STARFIRE and a key area of growth for the company moving forward, insists Tim Wullenweber, VP of marketing and technical services at Coolants Plus Inc.

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“For many fleet companies and heavy-duty operators, they’re having to go to multiple places to get the range of lubricants and additives they need. They may have one vendor for oil, another for antifreeze and others for gear oils and chemicals. We’ve built a comprehensive package of products to become a convenient one-stop-shop for our customers.”

“Add our excellent customer service and our ability to send shipments much quicker than most larger companies, and it makes a big difference,” he says.

STARFIRE has successfully grown its foothold in the market in recent years and now works with many large heavy-duty fleets and fleet operators. Its oils are blended to meet the American Petroleum Institute OEM standards, and STARFIRE has also submitted its formulations to large OEMs, so it now has approvals through Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Volvo, Mack, and Renault. Mercedes Benz heavy-duty approval is expected in the coming months.

Customers converting from major branded products quickly realize the huge savings with STARFIRE products, says Wullenweber. And now, with STARFIRE also approved with leading OEMs, they can not only cut costs but have the peace of mind that they are getting the best quality motor oil available.

“The heavy-duty segment has always been important for us and we continue to focus on growth. We’re servicing large fleets in municipalities with our fluids and are seeing great success. We’re supplying STARFIRE fluids for police cruisers, fire engines, and dump trucks where we’re located in Hamilton, Ohio, and nearby Cincinnati, and also supplying many heavy duty export markets.”

STARFIRE’s range continues to expand, with its comprehensive offering including motor oils, gear oils, greases, antifreeze, hydraulic oil, diesel fuel additives, diesel exhaust fluid, spray chemicals and degreasers. It also blends its own STARFIRE brand motor oils, gear oils, and hydraulic oils at its 300,000 square foot PennStar facility in Northampton, Pennsylvania, where it is planning further expansion of its packaging capabilities to meet future demand.

STARFIRE products include:

  • A full range of motor oils, including conventional synthetic blend and full synthetic heavy duty motor oils;
  • Gear oils, including conventional and full synthetic and transmission oils;
  • Heavy-duty antifreeze from SCA pre-charged to organic acid technology (OAT);
  • Nitrite free heavy-duty antifreeze;
  • Hydraulic oil, including non-conductive and zinc free hydraulic oil;
  • A full range of chemicals, including diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), aerosols spray chemicals, and degreasers;
  • Diesel fuel additives, ranging from anti-gels to emergency fuel thaw and all-season fuel treatment; and
  • Greases.

The company is also pleased to announce that its popular Blue Panther DEF has now been brought under the STARFIRE brand and STARFIRE badge. Yet while the name may have changed, it is still API approved and meets all ISO specifications for diesel exhaust fluid. There will be further announcements about other additions to the STARFIRE family in the coming months, adds Wullenweber.

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