NLGI Launches Grease Certification


The National Lubricating Grease Institute launched on Dec. 2 its new High-Performance Multiuse Grease Certification, known as HPM, and subcategories with enhanced performance in several areas.

In addition to the core HPM spec, four subcategories provide enhanced performance in specific areas: water resistance (WR), salt water corrosion resistance (CR), high load carrying capacity (HL) and low-temperature performance (LT). A grease may qualify for HPM only or HPM plus any combination of subcategories.

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NLGI said that it will later define additional specifications for high temperature and/or long life. “Future specification work may include grease for gear boxes, electric motors and other applications,” the organization stated in a press release.

NLGI partnered with the Center of Quality Assurance to administer the program and conduct qualification testing. As part of the application process at its website, CQA will collect a sample and test against the HPM specification.

NLGI said that the well-known GC-LB performance classification has provided an internationally-recognized grease specification for grease and bearing manufacturers, users and consumers since 1989. “Due to advancements in materials, technologies and applications, NLGI recognizes that current applications may be better served by updated specifications,” the organization stated in the press release. “The initial focus of HPM is updated specifications for a premium grease that could be used in a variety of bearings and applications which require similar lubricating properties.”

The organization said that HPM does not replace GC-LB certification, but will instead be parallel to it. “NLGI will continue to support GC-LB certification and the use of the mark on finished products,” the organization stated on its website. “The new specifications, certification and marks will be used in applicable applications. NLGI will continue to support the use of the current GC-LB marks as long as there is a market for them.”

For more information on the new HPM grease certification, visit the NLGI website.