NLGI Pursues Future Grease Specs


NLGI Pursues Future Grease Specs
A close up view of industrial grease. © jirakit suparatanameta / Shutterstock

The National Lubricating Grease Institute yesterday announced a collaboration with the Center for Quality Assurance to define future grease specifications that will better reflect advancements in materials, technologies and applications.

The initial focus will be on updated specifications for a premium grease that could be used in a variety of bearings and applications that require similar lubricating properties. NLGI said additional specifications will be defined for high load, water resistance, corrosion resistance and long-life applications. Future specification work may include grease for gear boxes, electric motors and other applications.

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The international organization for lubricating greases said in its announcement that because NLGI’s working groups are made up of volunteers from the industry, the nonprofit trade association has contracted with The Center for Quality Assurance to interview and survey members of the grease industry to help define the new specifications and ensure that they meet the needs of todays grease lubricated applications.

NLGI’s board has moved quickly to implement this working relationship with CQA, and we look forward to creating new specifications for grease that are relevant with respect to newer bearings and applications as well as employing the best possible performance tests available, Joe Kaperick, currently NLGI president, said in a news release. We hope that this will result in grease manufacturers being able to offer better products to the market and grease consumers having better guidance with respect to product performance.

NLGI noted it currently certifies grease through its Certification Mark program, which includes the GC-LB Performance Classification. The certification program has provided an internationally-recognized grease specification for grease and bearing manufacturers, users and consumers since 1989. Although originally conceived as an automotive chassis and wheel bearing specification, GC-LB is recognized as a mark of quality for grease. Due to advancements in materials, technologies and applications, NLGI recognizes that current applications may be better served by updated specifications, the association stated.

CQA works with industry partners to advance technology through design, development and administration of specification programs.

Those who would like to participate in the interview process or track the progress of the specification development may email