Shell to Upgrade Lubricant Plant in Canada


Shell plans to invest $16 million to expand its lubricant blending and packaging plant in Brockville, Canada, according to an Ottawa newspaper’s report.

The plant’s manager told officials from the United Counties of Leeds and Greenville that the investment will focus on sustainability, digitization and technology to improve production, according to the report by the Ottawa Citizen on Sunday. This will include upgrading the plants process control system, replacing its one-liter line with a new conveyor system, and installation of a new battery and hot oil heater to improve energy efficiency.

Shell did not respond to Lube Report’s requests for comment by deadline.

According to Shell Canada’s web site, the company’s Brockville lubricants plant is the largest blender and packager of retail passenger car motor oils in Canada, manufacturing more than 2,500 finished goods.

The company notes on its web site that most products produced at the plant bear the Shell, Quaker State and Pennzoil brand names. The plant does, however, produce products for other companies such as private-label products sold in domestic and international markets. The facility also provides AeroShell aviation lubricants, which are used in small piston-engine aircraft.

A previous $20 million expansion project completed at the plant in 2007 added 12 new bulk storage tanks, expanded the railway siding and offloading facility and installed a highly automated production line with a computer-controlled robotic arm that lifts and places four cases of product at a time.