Pennzoil Dominates at Quick Lubes, Survey Finds


Quick lube operators cited Shells Pennzoil brand and Valvoline as their best-selling motor oils, National Oil & Lube News reported in its Fast Lube Operators Survey.

The 2018 survey accounted for 1,700 facilities spread across all 50 states. NOLN said the majority of participants in this years survey operated only one to three stores, as they did not receive responses from franchise corporate offices that had participated in previous years. By comparison, the 2017 survey compiled data from more than 7,000 facilities.

In conventional motor oil brands at quick lubes, 39 percent of operators cited Pennzoil as their top selling brand, followed by Valvoline at 22 percent. Tying for third place were Castrol, Havoline and Mobil each at 6 percent. Kendall and DuraMax had 4 percent and 3 percent of sales, respectively. Four percent of quick lube operators surveyed didnt offer a conventional engine oil option, and other brands accounted for the remaining 10 percent.

Thirty-eight percent of operators cited Pennzoil as their best-selling synthetic oil, as well, again followed by Valvoline with 22 percent, Mobil at 11 percent and Castrol holding a 6 percent share of sales. DuraMax and Kendall each occupied 5 percent of sales followed by Havoline at 4 percent. Other brands took the remaining 11 percent.

Additionally, Pennzoil led among synthetic-blend oil brands, with 38 percent of operators listing it as their best-selling synthetic-blend offering, followed by Valvoline at 21 percent. Next were Mobil (7 percent); Castrol (6 percent); DuraMax and Kendall (5 percent); Havoline (4 percent) and Service Pro (2 percent). Two percent of respondents surveyed dont offer a synthetic-blend oil, and other brands accounted for the remaining 12 percent.

Among high-mileage oils carried by fast lubes, Pennzoil again led with 39 percent, followed by Valvoline at 23 percent. Castrol and Mobil were at 7 percent each, Havoline at 5 percent and DuraMax and Kendall with 4 percent each. Three percent of quick lube operators dont offer a high-mileage oil, and other brands made up the remaining 9 percent in the category.

The 2018 survey also included data on the best-selling SAE 5W-40 and 15W-40 diesel oils at quick lubes.

Of the installers surveyed, 42 percent said Shell Rotella was their best-selling SAE 5W-40 diesel engine oil, followed by Valvoline Premium Blue at 12 percent, Chevron Delo at 11 percent and Mobil Delvac at 8 percent. Duramax, Kendall and Amsoil were at 5 percent each. Other brands accounted for the remaining 12 percent.

For SAE 15W-40 diesel oil, Shell Rotella held a significant lead, with 53 percent of quick lube operators surveyed citing it as their highest-selling oil. Valvoline Premium Blue was next at 11 percent, Chevron Delo and Mobil Delvac each at 8 percent, Duramax at 5 percent and Kendall at 4 percent. Other brands accounted for the remaining 11 percent.

NOLNs November issue included these breakdowns of the best-selling motor oils in the fast lube segment, basd on operators’ survey responses. Its September and October issues reported survey results involving quick lube operations, demographics, employees, prices and oil and equipment.

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