Cosans Moove Buys European Distributors


Moove, the lubricant and base oil arm of Brazil-based oil and energy multinational Cosan, announced the recent acquisition of two lubricant distributors in Europe – Lubrigrupo in Portugal and TTA Lubrifiants in France.

The deals are part of Mooves strategy to strengthen its network in the region. A distributor of ExxonMobils Mobil-branded lubes, Moove already markets in Spain and collaborates with the WP Group – a leading independent fuels and lubricants supplier in southern England – as an authorized distributor of fuels and lubricants in England and Scotland.

Increasing its European footprint is the second phase of expansion for Moove, following the 2011 purchase of distribution rights for Mobil lubricants in Paraguay, Uruguay and Bolivia, building on the ExxonMobil relationship started in Brazil in 2008.

Besides being the distributor of Mobil lubricants for the automotive and industrial sectors in the aforementioned countries, Moove distributes associated products such as antifreeze, coolants and brake fluids. It is also the authorized distributor for ExxonMobil aviation lubricants throughout Europe with distribution hubs in the United Kingdom, Spain and Turkey.

Founded in 2008, Braga-based Lubrigrupo is the official distributor for Mobil lubricants and ExxonMobil base stocks in Portugal.

Located in Orne departments capital city of Alencon, TTA Lubrfiants was established in 1978. It specializes in lubricants, industrial greases and motor oils, as well as maintenance products and associated services.

Considered the second-largest manufacture of lubricants in Brazil, Moove produces and distributes both Mobil and Comma brand lubricants.

Moove was established in 2008 when Cosan acquired ExxonMobil operations in Brazil, including a large blending facility. It operates in more than 40 countries throughout South America, Europe and Asia, employs approximately 600 people and has annual net income of 1.9 billion reais (U.S. $460 million). Moove has two factories – one located in Rio de Janeiro and the other in Kent, England – with combined capacity to make more than 2 million barrels of lubricants and chemical specialties.

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