Publisher’s Note: Lubricants Industry Factbook


Editors at Lube Report’s sister publication,Lubes’n’Greasesmagazine, have just capped off a decade of producing our yearly Lubricants Industry Factbook. The 10th edition of this valuable guide is packed with eye-opening information about lubricant industry trends, statistics and standards.

Wonder where U.S. base oil exports are flowing? See page 25. Worried about the future impact of electric vehicles? Get an idea of where that trend is headed on page 34. Whether you’re trying to license an engine oil (page 18), learn the basics of additive chemistry (page 42) or get a look at lubricant sales by product (page 6) — this 44-page book holds the answers.

After 10 years, our editors and designers have nearly perfected the presentation of this information and much more, and you’ll want to keep this manual on your desk all year. Unlike most reference works, the Factbook is copiously illustrated throughout with striking, colorful graphics to deliver quick comprehension and visual impact.

Copies of the new Factbook were mailed last week to allLubes’n’Greasesprint subscribers, along with their August issue. Additional copies were mailed to each of the magazine’s digital-only subscribers. (If that’s you, watch your mail for it.)

Finally, the 2018-2019 Lubricants Industry Factbook is now available to purchase online as a secure, digital PDF download. It’s ideal for saving on your laptop or tablet so it’s always at your fingertips. You can also buy additional copies for your employees, shareholders and customers. Find out how by visiting our

– Howard Briskin, Publisher

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