Fuchs Adds Wireless, Sensor-Based Monitoring


Fuchs Petrolub SE acquired Dallas, Texas-based wireless sensor technology company Fluid Vision Technologies LLC for less than 1 million (U.S. $1.2 million) so it could offer automated process fluid condition monitoring.

Fuchs said that with the acquisition, its industrial fluid customers can automate process fluid monitoring with the Internet of Things technology. The term is used to describe interconnection via the internet of computing devices embedded in everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive data.

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We are very excited about this contribution to the smart factory revolution, said Keith Brower, CEO of Fuchs Lubricants Co. The Fluid Vision technology provides our customers with optimized fluid maintenance, and improved performance at a reduced cost of ownership. The smart factory term generally describes an environment where machinery and equipment improve processes through automation and self-optimization.

Fluid Vision would appear to be an asset that will help Fuchs extend its activities in digitalization. For the past year the company has warned the lubricants industry about potential threats of digitalization companies wedging between existing lubricant marketers and their customers. Fuchs officials contend that companies with technology to gather and process large amounts of data about the performance of lubricated equipment could harness that information to advise end users about optimal lubrication and operating processes, thereby obviating one of the roles played by lube marketers.

The solution, those officials said, is for lubricant companies to begin harnessing digitalization themselves, even though the industry has been slow to embrace such practices.

Founded in 2015, Fluid Vision Technologies focuses on the development of sensor-based, automated fluid condition monitoring specific to process fluids. The technology is designed to help optimize fluid effectiveness and also reduce waste-related cost.

Fluid Vision said its sensors monitor parameters such as concentration, pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and temperature.

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