Volume 9 Issue 28

U.S. Base Oils at Post-Covid High

Base oil production in the United States rose 6% in April – another solid month as the industry gets off to its best start since before the COVID-19 pandemic. Refiners made 4.9 million barrels of mineral base oils for the month, up from 4.6 million barrels in April 2023.

Avista, IFP Urge Price Support in India

Avista Oil and IFP Petro – two companies partnering to develop a waste lubricant rerefinery in India – said recently that price supports are needed for a rerefined base oil business to take off in the country.

Saudi Firm Acquires Shell Pakistan 

Authorities gave the green light on Saturday for a Saudi company’s acquisition of Shell Pakistan Ltd. The purchase was finalized a year after the Anglo-Dutch energy giant exited the market. 

BYD Launches Big EV Project in Turkey

Chinese original equipment manufacturer BYD has agreed with the Turkish government to build a US$1 billion electric vehicle production line in the country. The announcement came on the heels of new European Union tariffs on inexpensive imported Chinese EVs.

Japan Lube Sales Dipped in May

Finished lubricant production in Japan continues shrinking and has trailed behind last year’s numbers every month so far this year.

From Other Editions of Lube Report

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Briefly Noted

<b>Lubrizol</b> released a new additive technology to meet the imminent ILSAC GF-7 motor oil category. Lubrizol is well prepared for the first licensing date of March 31, 2025. GF-7 is designed to address fuel efficiency, emissions reduction and engine protection.