Volume 9 Issue 23

Cerilon Starts Engineering GTL Plant

Cerilon announced that it is moving into the front-end engineering and design phase of the gas-to-liquids refinery it plans to build in North Dakota, also stating that a final investment decision on the project is still two years away.

U.S. Base Oils Hit Two-year Peak

Base oil production in the United States jumped 23% in March, to attain its highest volume in almost two years, according to data released by the U.S. Energy Information Administration. In March, the country’s refiners made 5.1 million barrels of base oil, compared to 3.9 million barrels in the same month last year. It was the highest monthly mark since 5.2 million barrels in June 2022. In the first quarter, U.S. base oil production jumped 13% to 14.5 million barrels, compared to 12.8 million ...

Terpel Posts Higher Earnings

Colombian oil and gas company Terpel reported that its lubricant segment posted increases in gross profit for the first quarter in Colombia and Peru, its two major geographical markets, boosted by higher pricing margins.

From Other Editions of Lube Report

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Briefly Noted

Sales of new vehicles in the United States were forecast to reach 1.4 million units in May, a 4% increase from the same month last year, Cox Automotive reported.