Volume 6 Issue 43

Mexico Restricts Base Oil Imports

At least some lubricant manufacturers in Mexico were said to be scrambling with disruptions in base oil deliveries after the nation’s president imposed new paperwork requirements for imports of petroleum products and chemicals.

Profits Rise for Afton, WD-40

Afton Chemical reported a 68% jump in operating profit despite a 4% decline in sales for the quarter ending Sept. 30, as lubricant additive shipments were down in all regions except North America. Meanwhile, WD-40 Inc. reported a 12% increase in net income for the fourth quarter of its fiscal year.

California Adopts CO2 Reporting Mandate

California Governor Gavin Newsom finally signed into law a first-in-nation bill that requires large U.S. corporations to disclose their carbon emissions. The regulation applies to businesses that are active in the state and that have annual revenues of at least $1 billion.

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Briefly Noted

Sales of new vehicles in the United Sales were forecast to reach 1.2 million in October, a 4% increase compared to the same month last year, when the market was in the early stages of recovery from severe product shortages, Cox Automotive reported.