Volume 6 Issue 38

ExxonMobil Launches LAO Production

ExxonMobil on Tuesday announced the startup of two new chemical production units at its Baytown, Texas manufacturing facility, including a linear alpha olefins unit with 350,000 tons per year production capacity that marks its entry into the market for LAO, which is the building block chemical for polyalphaolefins.

Soltex Buys Dielectric Fluid Supplier DSI

Aiming to expand its offerings for dielectric fluids and other electrical insulating lubricants and coolants, chemical manufacturer and distributor Soltex Inc. announced Monday that it has acquired DSI Ventures.

Aramco Acquires Chilean Blender, Distributor

Saudi Aramco is entering the South American lubricants market after fully acquiring Chilean blender, distributor and retailer Esmax Distribusción SpA. Announced last week, the acquisition is the company’s first downstream retail investment within the continent.

From Other Editions of Lube Report

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Briefly Noted

New-vehicle sales in the United States were expected to reach near 1.4 million for August, a 19% increase from the same month last year, Cox Automotive reported. Factors driving increased sales included new-vehicle inventory hitting its highest level in more than two years and stronger fleet sales.