Volume 6 Issue 17

Forecast: Wind Energy to Use More Gear Oils

Demand for lubricants used in the global wind power sector should continue its up-and-down ride in coming years but could reach 100,000 metric tons per annum in the next 10 years, consultancy Kline & Co. estimated during a recent webinar. The firm also predicts that gear oils will become a bigger part of the sector’s product mix.

Search for Isla Operator Restarts Yet Again

The Curacao government is again going back to step one in its effort to find a replacement operator for the Isla Refinery after talks broke down yet again with a preferred bidder. It was the sixth failed attempt in five years to find a new operator for the refinery, which includes the Caribbean’s only base oil plant.

Special Report: Sustainability

The April issue of features a special report on sustainability. Discover how wind assistance may affect the future of marine lubricants, as well as how the performance gap between environmentally acceptable lubricants and their conventional counterparts is becoming ever smaller. 

Terpel Profits Rose in Colombia, Peru

The lubricant segment of Colombian oil and gas company Terpel achieved increases in sales volumes and gross profit in 2022 in its two major geographical markets – Colombia and Peru. The company recently announced plans to expand a blending factory in Peru.

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Briefly Noted

Cincinnati, Ohio-based distributor RelaDyne announced on Monday it is combining with Houston-based lubricants and fuels distributor Suncoast Resources, materially expanding RelaDyne’s market share and geographic coverage throughout Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and the Carolinas.