Volume 4 Issue 40

U.S. Base Oil Output Shrank in July

Base oil output in the United States retreated in July, dipping slightly below the level produced in June and falling below amounts produced before the COVID-19 crisis after two consecutive months of running ahead. The July output was up 15% from the same month last year.

Verdant Acquires Surfactants Maker

Chemicals producer Verdant Specialty Solutions acquired fellow producer Baze Chemical this week, further expanding its surfactant manufacturing capacity and lubricants market reach. Baze Chemical is a manufacturer of drilling fluid lubricants, which are used in slim-hole directional drilling and reduce torque, drag and metal surface wear.

Ultra-low Ash Lubes Benefit Engines

Leveraging ultra-low ash lubricants’ benefits in diesel engines – extended diesel particulate filter maintenance intervals and enhanced fuel economy retention – could become more pivotal as emission standards and engines’ useful life requirements become more stringent, a Chevron official said in a presentation at an SAE International online event last week.

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Briefly Noted

Cincinnati, Ohio-based RelaDyne acquired Drydene Performance Products and its Drydene automotive, commercial and industrial lubricants and greases brand. The acquisition includes Warminster, Pennsylvania-based Drydene’s national distributor network.