Volume 3 Issue 42

Equity Firm Buys Warren Distribution

A Chicago private equity firm announced last week that it has agreed to acquire majority stakes in Warren Distribution Inc., one of the largest private label lubricant manufacturers in the United States, as well as Highline Aftermarket LLC, a distributor of automotive aftermarket products.

Thirst Increases for Motorcycle Oils

The global motorcycle oils market is projected to grow by a compound annual rate of 1.5% to 2% during the next four years, according to a forecast that predicts North America’s demand – due mostly to Mexico – will grow at the highest rate over that time.

Cadence Gets New Financial Backer

Cadence Petroleum Group has obtained a new private equity investor, and the new backer plans to accelerate the expansion of the growing lubricant distributor.

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Briefly Noted

Polaris Laboratories opened a lab in Bogota, Colombia, to add to its existing presence in Latin America, and to respond to an increase in fluid analysis demand. The Bogota facility will offer routine oil testing and analysis, with the support of a data management platform that is accessible in more than 10 languages, including Spanish.  Valvoline Inc. will acquire 33 quick-lube service centers in Idaho, Missouri and Kansas in two separate acquisitions. One agreement is with L&F Enterprises – doing business as Einstein’s Oilery – for 12 centers in Idaho, and the other is with franchisee Westco Lube Inc. for 21 in Missouri and Kansas.