Volume 3 Issue 35

Gulf Plants Batten Down for Laura

Refineries in eastern Texas and Louisiana are closing or scaling back operations as an intensifying Hurricane Laura barrels toward the United States.

ACC Extends Emergency Protocol

The American Chemistry Council last week extended to Dec. 31 its emergency protocol meant to give companies flexibility to cope with scarcity of automotive lubricant additives resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sensor Gives Early Warning of Engine Failure

U.S. Army Research Laboratory scientists have reported inventing a method to detect and predict mechanical failure due to lubrication loss in machines and movable components, by monitoring gas concentration in a gearbox or machinery enclosure.

From Other Editions of Lube Report

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Briefly Noted

Calumet Specialty Products Partners LP named L. Todd Borgmann senior vice president and interim chief financial officer. Borgmann will assume CFO duties on Sept. 1, following a transition with current executive vice president and CFO, H. Keith Jennings, who is leaving the organization Aug. 31.  Ingevity Corp. named John C. Fortson president and CEO effective Sept. 1 and said he will join its board of directors. Fortson previously served as its executive vice president, chief financial officer and treasurer. The Penthol Group of Companies named Harji Gill CEO for Penthol LLC USA. Gill previously was vice president and general manager for finished lubricants and chemicals at Calumet.


The Briefly Noted item in the original version of the Aug. 19 Lube Report Americas should have stated that Monson, an Azelis Americas company, supplies components for the lubricants and metalworking industry.