Volume 3 Issue 23

Speakers: Recovery Appears Delayed

Economies around the world may be reopening from lockdowns imposed to prevent the spread of Covid-19, but base oil demand in many places remains sharply depressed and may not recover until late in the year, according to panelists at a webinar last week.

Altivia Acquires Additive Plant

Altivia Oxide Chemicals LLC acquired KMCO and its associated chemical ethoxylation manufacturing assets in Crosby, Texas, last week out of Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Products the facility can make include lubricant additives and surfactants.

Cosan’s Lube Income and Sales Decline

Moove – Cosan’s lubricants production and distribution arm – reported lower net income, revenue and sales volumes for the first quarter ending March 31.

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Briefly Noted

Lubrizol Corp. became the first lubricant additive technology supplier to join the Getting to Zero Coalition. The international group, endorsed by 14 governments and composed of more than 100 organizations, aims to drive the development of commercially viable, zero-emissions deep-sea ships by 2030.