Volume 3 Issue 17

Covid-19 Impact Likened to Recession

Industry observers believe the Covid-19 pandemic could reduce lubricant demand at least as much as the Great Recession of 2008 did, though they expect the global crisis to affect some product categories more than others.

Interchange Emergency Enacted for Additives

The American Chemistry Council on Monday invoked an emergency protocol meant to give companies flexibility to cope with unavailability of automotive lubricant additives resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic.

North America Leads in Alpha Olefin Wax

While North America’s petroleum wax supply has declined due to rationalization of API Group I base oil plants, the region accounts for more than 80 percent of alpha olefin wax, much of which goes to production of polyvinyl chloride, an industry analyst said.

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Briefly Noted

NP Ultra Lubricants entered an agreement last month to supply lubricants and technical services to Total Convenience Management, which is based on the island of Trinidad in the Caribbean.