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April 24, 2019

Volume 2 Issue 17

Houston Ship Channel Reopens

The Houston ship channel reopened yesterday, returning to full operations for the first time since a fire at Intercontinental Terminal Co.s Deer Park, Texas, terminal in late March.

IMO 2020 Already Making Impacts

The International Maritime Organizations 2020 regulations wont just affect the marine fuels and shipping industries, but is predicted to impact base oil refining as well. In fact, early prognostications on its effects are already starting to take shape.

Replenishing the Ranks

Ask a high school senior or soon-to-be college graduate about the career they intend to pursue, and its likely that lubricant manufacturing will not be at the top of the list. Faced with an aging workforce and a potential skills shortage, some companies have taken the initiative to make lube production an attractive profession for young workers.

Shell, Chevron, P66, Petro-Canada Lube Prices Hiked

Shell, Chevron, Phillips 66 and Petro-Canada each notified customers of updates to previously issued price change notices. These either combine two smaller price changes into one larger change effective on a single date later in May to lessen administrative burden, or announce a larger price change that replaces a previously announced one. Shell will raise prices on finished lubricants by up to 13 percent effective May 29. Chevron will raise prices by up to 14 percent on lubricating oils and greases effective May 29. Phillips 66 will increase finished lubricant prices by up to 14 percent effective May 29. Petro-Canada will increase prices on finished products by up to 14 percent effective May 21.

Briefly Noted

Houston-based Kraton Corp. announced that its board of directors has appointed Atanas H. Atanasov as the company's senior vice president and chief financial officer, effective May 6. Kraton's products include distilled tall oils used in production of metalworking fluids and SBS polymers used in lubricants.

Base Oil Reports

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