Volume 1 Issue 35

SSY Base Oil Shipping Report

It has been slow for much of the week in the Americas, especially for base oils. Europe has had an occasional burst of base oil movement, mainly within the Mediterranean, and Asia has been generally dull, with mainly small base oil cargoes and a few movements to India and the Middle East Gulf.-by Adrian Brown

Ford Recommends FA-4 for F-150

Ford Motor Co. recently amended its engine oil guidance for small-engine diesel-powered pickups, including the diesel version of the F-150, to recommend API FA-4 oils. The decision represents a slight softening of the automakers cautious stance toward the newest diesel engine oil categories.

Parkland Acquires Rhinehart Oil

Parkland Fuel Corp., a Canadian distributor of fuels and petroleum products, acquired Rhinehart Oil Co. in a deal that is expected to double the United States operations of the Calgary, Alberta-based company, Parkland announced Monday.

Master Fluid Solutions Plans New China Plant

Master Fluid Solutions has invested in a new metalworking fluids blending plant in Taicang, China, the company announced on Wednesday. The new facility is the Perrysburg, Ohio-based companys single-largest investment globally and will double its capacity in the country.

From Other Editions of Lube Report

Briefly Noted

Lubricants manufacturer Texas Refinery Corp. appointed Patrick M. Walsh as president, and J.R. Hannan as senior vice president and chief operating officer on Monday. Wisconsin-based companies Eis Implement and Halron Lubricants entered into a partnership allowing Halron products to be distributed to Eis Implements Two Rivers, Wisconsin retail location.