Volume 1 Issue 31

SSY Base Oil Shipping Report

It has been slower throughout Europe this week. The U.S. has stalled, whilst Asia is neither up nor down in terms of activity.-by Adrian Brown

Repsol Gains Foothold in Mexican Market

Repsol announced Monday an agreement to acquire 40 percent of lubricant distributor Bardahl de Mexico, which will enable the Spanish energy company to manufacture and sell its own lubricants in Mexico. Terms of the agreement - expected to close in 2018s third quarter - were not disclosed.

In Search of Motor Oil in Venezuela

The economic and political crisis in Venezuela is strangling trade of many types of products, including engine oils. A dearth in availability - caused by supply chain disruptions - is forcing many motorists to buy on the black market at many times the normal price.

Vesco Absorbs Fellow Distributor Acculube

Branded automotive and industrial lubricants distributor Vesco Oil Corp. acquired industrial lubes and metalworking fluids distributor Accurate Lubricants and Metalworking Fluids Inc. on Monday to broaden its geographic footprint in the Midwest and bolster its product and service offerings.

Lubes Industry Faces New Tariffs

The trade war between China and the United States is on, and the lubricants industry is caught up in it, along with many others. Analysts say some companies are affected more than others, and that many are trying to navigate the new seascape in order to minimize financial impacts.

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